I've been working on several things in the past years. Most of them are open-source projects related to my daily work on Flash or Web applications.

Here's some more informations about different past or present projects :

  • the Haxe programming language : Haxe is an highlevel OO programming language that can be used to develop many kind of applications. The language is designed to be able to target several platforms. Currently supported platforms are : Flash (6-8) and Flash (9+), PHP, Javascript and NekoVM (see below).
  • NekoVM is a lightweight and easily extensible virtual machine that can run many kind of languages. It's currently mainly used by Haxe. It provides very good performances (~20x faster than PHP) and very low memory footprint. It's easily embeddable into Apache webserver (using mod_neko) but can also be used for commandline or desktop applications.
  • MTASC : the Motion-Twin ActionScript2 Compiler is an AS2 compiler. It takes several .as classes (AS2 was used for Flash 6 to 8 players) and injects the compiled bytecode into an existing SWF file. It's more strict, less buggy, and a lot faster than the official compiler that ships with Flash. That's the reasons why MTASC is used around the world by many professionals doing Flash works.

Apart from these three big projects, I've been working on several different tools :

  • Heaps is a crossplatorm 2D/3D game engine entirely written in Haxe
  • HxSL is a high level shader shader for GPU programming with type inference
  • HSS is an tool that extends the CSS syntax with powerful constructors. It can then generate the corresponding CSS and will at the same time check that it's standard compliant.
  • HaxeVideo is an Flash Video (FLV) streaming server entirely written in Haxe. It can be run from the commandline by using the Neko VM. It supports FLV streaming/seeking and webcam + microphone recording and realtime streaming (for online conferences).
  • Physaxe is a 2D Rigid Body Physics engine written in Haxe (watch the demo). While mainly used for Flash9+ platform, it can also be used on other platforms such as Javascript. It's very optimized and can handle hundreds of simultaneous physics objects with very good precision.
  • hxFormat a collection of file formats support for Haxe, including in particular SWF format and ABC (flash bytecode), but also PDF, PNG, ZIP, etc...
  • SWHX is a library to develop Flash Desktop Applications. It emulates the Firefox Plugin API, capture all Flash events (such as loading files or javascript calls) and redirect them to a Haxe/Neko layer that can implement custom behavior.
  • My Pixel Bender Assembler page, that explains about the Adobe Pixel Bender assembler for Flash Player 10, with a library that can be used to compile or decompile .pbj files.

Of course, on my work time I've been building a lot of Games as part of my work at Motion-Twin

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