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  • Posted on Mar 28 2012

    Today Adobe announced its plans for so-called "Premium Features", check it out here

    Basically, what it means is that you'll have to get a license from Adobe and pay them 9% of your net revenues if you want to use the "premium features" together with Stage3D API which allow hardware-accelerated 3D in the browser.

    Sadly, instead of providing real actual "premium features" that could have appealed to AAA games developers and let independent developers continue making their games and other apps without paying Adobe Tax, the so-called "premium features" consists in one simple thing : Alchemy opcodes.

    For those who don't know about it, there are two actual usages for Alchemy :

    • the Alchemy toolkit allows to convert C++ code to AVM2 Flash bytecode, and introduces additional opcodes for fast Memory access
    • these opcodes can be reused by some tools, such as Haxe flash.Memory or Joa's Apparat for AS3

    Why Alchemy is so much important ? Because the AVM2 - the v...