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WWX Conference Review

Posted on Apr 17 2012

Had a lot of fun at the WWX conference this weekend !

We had many great speakers, covering many different topics. The Haxe ability to target many different platforms is a real freedom that enable a high level of innovation.

For those who were not there, here's a quick resume until the recordings are made available :

Day 1

  • I made a keynote about the year that we went past, announced Haxe 2.09 release and detailed its changes, then presented plans about Haxe 3.0 that we will start working now and finally talked about medium and long terms plans for Haxe, such as creating a non-profit foundation. Here's my slides if you want to check them.
  • Franco Ponticelli presented the work he's making at ReportGrid with very nice SVG graphics, entirely done in Haxe
  • The Silex Labs team, which did also a great job at organizing the conference, presented the promising Cocktail library : a full HTML+CSS engine written in pure Haxe, which can run into Flash and NME
  • Hugh Sanderson (GameHaxe) presented the general principles and nifty details of the Haxe/C++ backend, which is the base for NME and other great usages of Haxe. Technical devs loved it, designers went for a coffee break
  • Robert Fell presented the awe6 inverted game framework, which is used to made several Lego Star Wars games in Haxe. The force was definitely with him.
  • Dominic de Lozenzo and David Peek from Massive (which have a 15+ Haxe developers team) presented an excellent review of Selling Haxe to clients and upper-management. Some great advice that we will use to improve communication around Haxe
  • We then got many great Lightning Talks (8 minutes per speaker), which were showing great tools and promising techs, perfect brainstorming before...
  • The Party in a nice bistrot in the very center of Paris that was entirely reserved for us, we got the full night to eat, drink and talk about Haxe of course. Everybody will remember the Palinka that our friends from Prezi bring from Hungary : that was delicious and many of us (including me) got to drink more than they were expecting in the first place :)

Day 2

  • Robert Bak did a great demonstration explaining how to explain/teach Haxe to developers. Really insightful talk, perfect complementary with Dominic and David one. Great thoughts for the incoming year.
  • Caue Waneck announced the release of the awaited Haxe/Java and Haxe/C# targets, which are now part of the Haxe nightly builds. Being a perfectionist, he explained a lot the things that could be improved, whereas the results are already wonderful !
  • Philippe Elsass (aka 'The FlashDevelop guy') presented the NME framework, explaining how you can make games for Mobile, Flash and HTML5, using a single code base.
  • Peter Halacsy from explained how and why the decided to switch their whole product to Haxe, how they were successful so far and how they want to contribute back to the community. He didn't tell us how many liters of Palinka its developers consume per month
  • Juraj Kircheim (aka Back2Dos) was smiling and seemed very happy to introduce fellow developers the principles and examples of Haxe Macros. Seems like it made the life of a few of them much more easy (and hopefully happy) now that they got it.
  • And - last but not least - it was a real pleasure to learn about Nico Zimmerman artistic work at Britzpetermann, and how they use Haxe for many different things such as wining an award from Mozilla with a WebGL demo or making interactive window installation combining different technologies together. A wonderful inspiration moment that we enjoyed together.

And after a few questions and community talks it was already time to finish and come back home.

A very huge thanks to SilexLabs for organizing the whole event, and to all the speakers and attendees for being there.

I'm already looking forward for next year edition, actually would be great to have the same kind of events in the US as well, if anybody want to take care of the organization.

  • Apr 18, 2012 at 06:06

    Thanks for taking the time to post your notes. It's great to see a run-down of what happened for people who didn't get to go.

    Do you know if any video was recorded of the event?

  • Laurens
    Apr 26, 2012 at 16:36

    It was nice to see your plans for Haxe 3.
    NME is indeed a great framework!

  • Raphael Harmel
    Jun 26, 2012 at 10:33

    The first WWX videos are available here:
    We will release one or 2 per week.

    Enjoy !

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