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What's next for Neko

Posted on Aug 20 2005

For people interested in the future of Neko, here are the things I'm planning to work on in the upcoming weeks :

NekoML is ML-style language that generates to Neko. It is near OCaml but with what I think is a better syntax. Currently the NekoML compiler is written in OCaml but once NekoML is ready I'll rewrite first the Neko and then the NekoML compilers in NekoML to complete the bootstrapping of Neko.

Two important libraries are needed to implement the compilers : a Lexer and a Parser. Designing and writing theses two as well as compiling efficiently pattern matching from NekoML to Neko are the most difficult parts.

Once done things will start to get really interesting : being able to use the compiler as a neko library opens the ability of interactive programming (console or "toplevel"). A JIT compiler in NekoML is also expected.

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