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Posted on Oct 22 2005

Today was quite a rough day !

  • I finished bootstrapping Neko and NekoML, so I have now Neko and NekoML compilers written in NekoML and compiling themselves.
  • OFLA was a great online conference ! We had more than 350 users login at peak and more than 200 make it till the end of the conference. Hope to have some recordings available soon to link to.
  • I took time then to announce that MTASC will not support ActionScript3 language and will follow another way.

Posted on the OSFlash mailing list :

As announced at OFLA today MTASC will unlikely support ActionScript3.

The reason is quite simple. MTASC supporting AS3 + AVM2 will be very comparable to Macromedia Compiler provided with FlexBuilder2. And only having the "opensource" difference is not enough.

My proposal is then a new language (name still unknown) that will support several platforms :

  • the Flash platform of course, with in the beginning current FlashVM and later AVM2. The new language will try to make it easy to port your existing AS2 code to it (or at least as much difficult as porting your AS2 to AS3).
  • the Brower platform by allowing Javascript code generation. So you can write all your DHTML and AJAX strongly-typed with this language, and interact seamlessly with Flash.
  • the Server platform, since it will be able to run on the NekoVM, and then you can write web pages and standalone executable using this language. It's also great since you'll be able to have to communicate with the same-language from client to server, and you can access all the NekoVM libraries (sockets, databases, file system, ....)

So it's really one language, which syntax will be near AS2 and Java but still different and more flexible (more powerful also) and which evolution will be driven by the community.

By you.

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