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Neko on Apache

Posted on Aug 02 2005

Neko is now perfectly running on Apache.

The website was written in MotionTypes and was using the MotionScript generator, compiler, and virtual machine with Apache mod. It's now running using the Neko generator, compiler and virtual machine.

This will add nice features such as exceptions and dynamic loading of modules to MotionTypes as well as the ability for any Neko generated language to be embed into Apache. The mysql, cgi, regexp and std libraries for Neko are now ready, and this was a good test of correct implementation of all the parts of the framework.

The next step is to check about memory and CPU consumption compared to previous MotionScript technology and improve the virtual machine. In particular, most of the standard data structures objects (List, Array, Hashtable, String) which before were written in C in MotionScript are now entirely written in Neko. This might get a little more CPU usage (not so much because a C call was a bit expensive anyway) but it will be a big advantage when JIT will be added since it will speed the whole things up.

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