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Haxe Video 1.0

Posted on Dec 16 2007

At last, haxeVideo 1.0 has now been officially released !

haxeVideo is an open source video streaming server entirely written in Haxe.

You can get it now from !

Features include :

  • FLV streaming using RTMP protocol
  • Webcam and Microphone recording to FLV file
  • Live streaming for web conferencing
  • light and fast scalable server
  • only 50 KB of server source code : modify whatever you need !

Big thanks to the Red5 team and Roberto Saccon for helping me when I had trouble with RTMP implementation !

And I hope you'll enjoy the opening test video ;)

1 comment
  • AnryLinkage
    Apr 22, 2009 at 19:23

    Sorry for necro-posting, but how to install the HaxeVideo on server.
    It`s ok to play with it on localhost, but just can`t understand what i need to do, to deploy it on server. Google told me everything about deploying and testing on localhost, but not on web.

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