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Fun with GBA Programming

Posted on Jan 12 2005

I have my flashable GameBoy Advance ROM at home since few weeks now (it's a 256MB EFA Advance). After reading the specs and thanks to the people at, I could make some little ppdemo.gba that works on real hardware !

It's quite fun to write game engines at such low level, but C really piss me off for the game logic... I definitely have to port the MotionScript Virtual Machine before doing any serious work, so I can use a higher level programming language such as MTypes. But at first I need a small and fast garbage collector since I'm pretty sure the Boehm GC will either not compile/not work on ARM processor or will have too much memory overhead for such a small device.

And after all... reinventing the well is my favorite hobby !

efa.jpg ppdemo.gif

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