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Flash Player 10 Available

Posted on Oct 15 2008

I haven't heard a lot about it, but the "official" (not beta) Flash Player 10 is now available here

New stuff includes :

  • 3D Api for rotating movieclips in pseudo-3d space (although no z-ordering)
  • "pixel bender" (a way to program your own filters/blend modes with a custom shader language)
  • an extended drawing API, in particular useful to rasterize faster triangles (for 3D engines)
  • a new Vector data type (flash.Vector in Haxe) for better performances on number types
  • dynamic sound generation (thanks to Andre Michelle complaining about bad sound support)
  • file upload and download api for local load/save (no need anymore to pass the data through the server)

Flash Player 10 API are fully accessible from Haxe since 2.01 release.

I'm looking forward to test the performances of Vector class in particular, and see how I can use it to speedup Physaxe. Hope the GC also will perform better since it's been a bit laggy in the latest game we're currently developing.

The bad news is that some things got broken by the newest "security model". In particular, this blog, the Haxe wiki and several of Motion-Twin games were using a small Flash9 component to upload images, and this was triggered by a Javascript event after a click on an HTML button.

However the new "security" (if we can call it that way) prevent the FileOpen dialog to open itself unless it's been triggered by a click... on the flash object itself ! I fail to see how this is really improving security, but I can already see how it's breaking stuff that has already been made.

Not sure how I will deal with it, but I don't like it :-)

EDIT : Joa Ebert and Andre Michelle are reporting on another FP10 issue. It does not break FP9 compatibility but FP10(beta) one.

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