About Me

I'm Nicolas Cannasse, I'm 30, and this is my personal blog :-)


I've been working on several things in the past years, including :

  • cofounding an running Motion-Twin, one of the leaders in Flash-based browser games in France, where I'm programming games, but also doing some game design and business development.
  • wrote MTASC , an open source ActionScript2 compiler which is widely used by professional Flash developers around the world. I'm also a cofounder of the OSFlash community.
  • designed and implemented Haxe, which is a modern programming language for the web, which can target Flash (players 6 to 10), but also JavaScript, PHP and Neko (see below)
  • designed and implemented the Neko virtual machine, which is used at Motion-Twin to power our web games (with hundreds of thousands daily users).
  • worked on several other Projects.


I'm interested into quite a lot of things, including :

  • open source, free software, Internet, and the way they change society
  • programming languages design and type systems
  • virtual machines implementation and optimizations in general
  • everything about games technologies
  • Japanese pop culture, but also traditional culture
  • geopolitics, macroeconomics and history


I've been giving several talks at different conferences, here's the list (starting from the most recent ones) :


You can contact me at the following email address :

ncannasse at gmail dot com


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